Strato: New Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android

Meet Strato, the new Nintendo Switch emulator for mobile devices.

If you are a video game enthusiast, specifically a Nintendo Switch gamer, then you may be interested to know that there is a new emulator called Strato that has emerged. Strato is the successor to the Skyline Switch emulator for Android and has been led by Lynx.

The Skyline Edge apk project has been rebranded as Strato/Orizzonte and now has a new developer. While the previous developers, Mark and Billy, may still offer guidance on the project, Lynx is the primary developer of Strato.

Strato apk New Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android blog

Download Strato apk Nintendo Switch emulator for Android

With Strato, you can play your favorite Nintendo Switch games on your Android device. The good news is that Strato is open source, meaning it can be used and modified by anyone interested in continuing the project’s development and programming. You can find its repository on Github servers, and I’ve also attached the Strato Discord server. But, You need to log server before commenting on Discord.

Currently, Strato does not have a Patreon, but support will be appreciated in the future. As for its release date, there is no exact date announced yet, but the developers are working hard to release the emulator as soon as possible. When it becomes available, you can find it on their blog.

What happened to the Skyline Edge emulator?

You can read this article for more details on Skyline Edge, but as you may know, this great Nintendo console emulator unfortunately came to an end. The reason is simple: Nintendo got tired of its games and keys being freely available on the internet. The final straw was the indiscriminate release or leak of a copy of the game Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Therefore, in partnership with Lockpick, a website that handles DMCA content. They began a plan to sue anyone who uses the keys of their Nintendo Switch games and consoles without permission. For this reason, the original developers of the Skyline Edge emulator decided to cease updates and continuation of the project to avoid legal action by Nintendo.

It is worth mentioning that Skyline is also shifting towards a new project that would allow playing PC games on mobile devices, specifically on Android devices, similar to what the Exagear emulator currently does. So for those interested in playing PC games on their mobile devices, this new Skyline initiative could be just what they were looking for.

How to get and install games on Strato apk emulator Nintendo Switch Emulator

In this case, the procedure for searching for and installing games is practically the same as in Skyline. The only thing that changes is the name and color of the emulator icon. Therefore, you can be confident in carrying out the same steps you used to do with the previous emulator.

I recommend reading this detailed guide I wrote on how and where to get games for Skyline Edge, in this case, Strato. There, you will find the sites or web pages where Nintendo Switch roms are hosted. It’s worth noting that the games are not linked to those websites but are instead hosted on free cloud storage file hosting servers such as Mediafire, Mega, 1fitchier, or Google Drive.